Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ethnic magic

1.Tatrit 2.Tabarat 3.Eliss
4.Tamtout Tibijeanette 5.Kid bracelet Etoile 6.Kid bracelet Colombe

Bonjour everybody !!
Summer is in the air here in Boston today and I LOVE it ! So beautiful out there...

Time to get your summer dresses out, and what would be best than one of those adorable silver talisman to pair it with ?
My dear sisters got me one of these last year for my bday and I have to say this was one of their best gift ever !

They're so cute, so simple yet so meaningful I love them !

The brand is called Ombre Claire and the story behing it is about a collaboration between a French designer, Aude Durou who grew up in Niger, and African Tuareg nomads.
Each item was hand-made by Nigerian craftsmen and therefore unique.
But what I love the most is that every piece in this fair trade jewelry line tells a poetic story about African tales and beliefs.
The Tatrit necklace is about protection of the family and the Tabarat one ('little girl') offers protection for the young woman. Isn't so cute ?

I also had to talk about the Tamtout Tibjeanette ('pregnant woman') necklace, inspired by the small bell Indian women carry around their pregnant belly. Once the baby is born, they place the tiny bell above the baby's crib to protect and comfort him. So adorable...

I can tell you right now, this is THE perfect gift for all the soon-to-be mamas out there... and definitely one I would love to get myself next time I'm expecting (I'll make sure my husband read this post)
This collection is truly wonderful (they even do a small line for kids !), I invite you to check out their website (in French only, click on "curiosites" to see the collection).
Eshop available on their website

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Les 3 what ??

Les 3 Castafiores.... I know...
Why such an almost-impossible-to-pronounce name (at least in this country) ?
Well, that's how my dad used to call my 2 younger sisters and I when we were kids because as girls we were just (very) loud and a bit crazy too. The original Castafiore is a character in the Belgium-born Tintin books and she's a diva Opera singer who's so loud she causes glass and mirrors to break when she sings...

Anyway, I thought that was the best way to introduce myself... Hi everyone, my name is Marie and I'm so excited (and bit nervous too, I'm not gonna lie) to start this blog.

Here you'll find a bit of everything but mostly things that inspire me... could be baby-related stuff, good design, smart fashion, dead-simple recipes, and all kind of thoughts about my life as a working mama in America. You might also get to learn a bit of French on top...

I hope you'll like it, bienvenue :)

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