Friday, July 30, 2010

Bon week-end

Are you doing anything fun this week end ?
I'm thinking about taking my 2 favorite boys to the beach tomorrow, it is going to be hot here in Boston.
Have a fantastic week end xx

Photo credit : Helene Koupaliantz

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I heart my shopping bag

Yes I do !! This is what I call 'un achat gagnant' (literally : a winning purchase)
I got this bag like maybe 2 years ago back in Amsterdam and since then I've used as pretty much everything : a beach bag, a grocery bag, a I-need-to-carry-big-stuff bag, and lately it's been little O's daycare bag...

It's the most versatile, practical, lightweight bag I own and on top of that it looks fantastic !

Dutch designer Susan Bijl has an amazing collection with now some leather options (sweet !).
All her "new shoppingbag" are entirely made of coated nylon (the fabric used in kites) (read : light, water-repellent and super strong)

Oh and she also has a smaller size version, perfect for the kids !

You can find them online on her website : and on

Photo credit : Susan Bijl

The joy of meal planning

... and grocery shopping
Who doesn't love it really ?

In my former life (before becoming a mum) I never really had to do a lot of planning when it came down to food. I could just swing by our local WholeFoods after work basically anytime I wanted and grab a few things for dinner. And of course V. and I were able to go out grab something to eat whenever we wanted to...
Well these days are over and grocery shopping now happens once a week, with grocery list in hand and weekly menus up on our fridge.

I sometimes wonder how I ever turned into such an organized person which I never thought I would 1) ever be 2) like.
I have to say I quite like it now...
By the time I get home with a hungry toddler (and husband) I'm glad I already have a plan ready for me to follow without even having to think about it.

I'm not very creative when it comes to cooking so me improvising dinner in the kitchen often ends up in a phone call to Domino's Pizza (so much for the number 1 stereotype that all French people are great cooks, ah !)

A few months ago I came across the BEST meal planning tool ever on Design Sponge, a DIY project called Kate's grocery planner

So, ok I didn't do the project itself BUT I did print tons of copies of the menu grocery list and the grocery list

This is so helpful, I can't even tell you ! It does require a little bit of prep before your trip to the supermarket but it's well worth it in the end. Not only you'll save time and money but you won't even have to think about 'what's for dinner' for the rest of the week and that's priceless !!

Let me know what you think about it

Monday, July 26, 2010

Un Air de Famille

Don't you love this picture ?? Best hairstyles ever !! I love how they all match
I thought we'll start the week with something funny
Happy Monday !
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