Thursday, July 29, 2010

I heart my shopping bag

Yes I do !! This is what I call 'un achat gagnant' (literally : a winning purchase)
I got this bag like maybe 2 years ago back in Amsterdam and since then I've used as pretty much everything : a beach bag, a grocery bag, a I-need-to-carry-big-stuff bag, and lately it's been little O's daycare bag...

It's the most versatile, practical, lightweight bag I own and on top of that it looks fantastic !

Dutch designer Susan Bijl has an amazing collection with now some leather options (sweet !).
All her "new shoppingbag" are entirely made of coated nylon (the fabric used in kites) (read : light, water-repellent and super strong)

Oh and she also has a smaller size version, perfect for the kids !

You can find them online on her website : and on

Photo credit : Susan Bijl

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