Thursday, August 26, 2010

Miam ! Chicken noodle soup

Last night after 3 days of non-stop rain in Boston, I was craving some warm nice comfort food...

This is a recipe I found in the Fresh&Quick food magazine and I love it !
Simple and delicious

What you need for 2-3 persons :
1 inch of fresh ginger
2 chicken breasts (the original recipe uses chicken thighs, but I like chicken breasts better)
Salt/Pepper/Vegetable oil
2 medium shallots thinly sliced (about 1/3 cup)
1 qt chicken broth (I recommend homemade)
4 oz Chinese egg noodles
2 cups watercress 
1 tsp ponzu sauce (or a mix of lemon juice and soy sauce)

Peel the ginger and slice it thickly
Lay the slices on a cutting board, cover with plastic wrap ans smash ginger with a meat mallet or heavy pan
Heat 1 tsp vegetable oil in a pot over medium-high heat.
Season chicken with salt and pepper, cut it and brown it for about 2 min
Then transfer to a plate (chicken will not be fully cooked)
Reduce the heat slightly and add shallots + ginger and sauté until browned, stirring for 2 min
Add the chicken broth and scrape the bottom of the pot
Return the chicken to the pot ans bring the broth to a simmer, cook partially covered for 3 min
Add the noodles and simmer for another 5 min (approx.)
Remove the pan from the heat, add watercress and ponzu sauce and stir well.
Serve right away...aaaaaahhhh so good !
Bon Appétit !

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