Monday, September 13, 2010

Ashish @ Topshop

I'm loving this jersey collection by Ashish at Topshop... The top 2 are definitely my favorite. I can see why the designer decided to pick these very common French words or expression, it seems to be the basic French you have to know to get around (Merci would also be a good one).
Do you know any French ? What's your favorite French word/expression ? My hubby's is 'on va a la plage' (let's go to the beach)...not the most practical thing to know but oh well I'll take it, it still sounds adorable with an american accent.

Have a great week xx  

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  1. hello fellow BYW student - your blog looks great and really love the about me section. I'm from Boston but actually live in Sydney now, loving this course and all the stuff we're learning. x


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