Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Beau gosse

Little O just started 'toddler' at daycare this past month...Yep, he's not an infant anymore, he's a big toddler !
And there's mostly girls in his class so I really want him to look his best to impress all the ladies, like a true French 'beau gosse'...

Well, he can't really speak any French yet but mama can go crazy work her magic on the styling piece...

Here in Boston, I mostly shop at the Gap for him but when I'm home back in France I go visit my Spanish BFF : ZARA !

And guess what ? Last week Zara finally opened its eshop ! Oh but guess what (again) ? Only in Europe... aaargh !! 

* Deep breath *

Ok apparently, the US are next for 2011 (let's hope for January) 

In the meantime, I did my own little selection of oh-so-adorable (and super affordable) pieces

Which one is your favorite ? I can't decide between the yellow raincoat or the green puff jacket... Or maybe the monster tee-shirt that says 'GRRR' ??

À très vite

Photo credit : Zara

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