Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Lundi

Hi everyone... I hope you've had a fantastic week end
Mine has been crazy busy with work and this week will be just as insane...It's crunch time at work so posting will be light this week (sorry).

In the meantime, I'd like to share some sweet thoughts my youngest sister once sent me with this postcard in my first year in the US.

"Just a little thought for you from Paris... I'm sending you a little bit of sun, some terrasse de café and some girlfriends to remind you to take it easy... I hope you like this photo, personally I found it dreamy...lots of bises, Grace"

Have a great week

Photo credit : Le Bain de Soleil - Robert Doisneau 1966


  1. such a beautiful little note from your sister! i have a little addiction to old black & white photos, especially postcards so this pic is stunning...something to keep on the mood board when you need a reminder to chill out!

  2. lovely postcard and what sweet words from your sister!!
    hope you are surviving your busy week!

  3. That is so so lovely. I love the postcard and the words are awesome xx


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