Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Little O's pick : Barnabé aime le café

Little O is picky when it comes to toys... I did try to make him like some of the cool 'doudou' that our friends and family got him (chaton look at this one, you like the déglingos lobster don't you ??) but no, he doesn't care.
The one thing he likes when he goes to bed is his Barnabé aime le café guitar. I don't blame him, I love it too (and not only because it helps me to put him to bed at night) but who could resist the adorable design and the irresistible music it plays (ours plays 'love me tender').
And the girls version is just as cute... love, love, LOVE the matriochka 

Which one would you pick ? Do you play any music to help your baby fall asleep ?

Photos credit : Barnabé aime le café

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