Thursday, September 23, 2010

With love, from France

YAY ! My friend Elo just got back from her vacation back home in France and she brought me back some goodies !!!
I have to admit I always always have a little list ready for whenever one of my friend is going back or when my parents are coming over... Just a few things you know, the basics...

1. Food - ok if I could I would make it all about cheeses and foie gras but my parents would get arrested at the US custom and that's not really an option given their fluency in English, they couldn't even explain themselves... so all I'm asking for are Tagada and Kinder... That's it ! None of them is really French, they're both German candies (I think) but so popular in France. Tagada strawberries (fraises) are as one of my American friend describes it "marshmallows coated in sugar" (yes approximately 1000 cal per candy, I just ate about half a dozen at my desk...he he), and then Kinder chocolate...simply the best, it's soooo good

2. Magazines - about every single fashion-kids-people-news French magazines (and that definitely add a good 15lb to my parents' suitcase)

3. Shower gel - yes you read it right...especially "Le Petit Marseillais", j'adore ! And I tell you why, for some reason I don't really like the thick texture of most shower gels here at CVS (doesn't mean I don't use them anyway...French people DO shower...everyday). This one smells divine and it has a nice light texture...You don't know what I'm talking about ? that's ok...moving on

4. Avene - La lotion micellaire to be exact...the best makeup remover EVER (and you can buy it in the US too in some CVS stores or online like here)

5. Lastly, I promise I'll stop writing soon (this post is getting long), kids books in French. I mean, little O has to learn French, the little guy has no choice. And the amazing L'imagerie des bébés books are just wonderful for him. Super durable and resistant with great colorful illustrations made out of playdough.

That's it for my top 5.
How about yours ? Do you live far from home ? What do you ask your family/friends to bring you when they come visit ?

Bises  xx


  1. what a nice friend!!!

    i don't live too far from home...the thing i miss most is fall & winter...perhaps i'll ask them to mail me some fall leaves!

  2. What a great post and a lovely friend! I love Kinder too!! They've very popular in the UK as well and i always buy them for my nephews so i can have a sneaky bar too!!xx

  3. Ann Marie - Fall is definitely here in Boston, so I can send you some nice red and orange leaves anytime :)

    Nell - I know, Kinder are the best, they're so addictive, I pretty much ate the whole thing by myself (so bad !!)

  4. haha, i am always begging my family to send me dunkin donuts coffee and chipotle tabasco, it's funny the strange things you miss.

  5. Ha, I can understand you miss things French! When I have my family visiting from the UK, I request crumpets, Bovril, PG tips, Cadbury chocolate and a bottle of Pims! xx


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