Monday, October 18, 2010

Americaaaa !!

Last week I realised that it's been 4 years since we moved over to the US. 
FOUR years !! I can't believe it ! 

And guess what happened over 4 years ?? The little Frenchie you know got completely addicted to the American way of life. Yep. I've discovered here some amazing stuff I would definitely miss a lot if we ever move back to Europe.

My little top 5 :

- Mani/Pedi : yes, manicure and pedicure, so cheap and so well done you can't resist. My mom and sisters are totally addicted too, my nail salon is their last stop before going back to France so they can show off their perfect nails back home

- Bravo/ABC shows : all I would say is Dancing with the Stars, Modern Family and the Real Housewifes (of any city)... so addictive. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out You Tube, you'll love it

- Thanksgiving : because 1- it's coming, 2- it's all about food and family, 3- it gives such a joyful holiday feeling to the month of November (which used to be my least favorite month back in France because of the rain/cold/la Toussaint and overall gloominess), 4- pumpkin pie 

- Walking around in your sweats or yoga clothes on weekends : such a genius idea, I would have NEVER done that in Paris (even to go get a baguette down in my street) and now I happily go get my nails done in my sweats on the week end and I LOVE it. No turning back.

- WholeFoods : because it's so nicely merchandised (hello fruits and veggies pyramids), because it has all the French cheeses that I love (prices x10) and because it feels so healthy and organic that I don't mind getting hit with a $100 price tag for 2 half empty grocery bags (ouch !)

Of course there's many other things that I love here and also many many things I miss from France (who said 5 weeks vacation a year ?). More about that this week...

How about you ? What do you like the most about where you live ? and what do you miss the most from home ? 

Bises xx

Photo credit : Boston skyline - Boston Globe


  1. but the yoga pants part is only nice if you can wear it off... :)
    bad me...

    I mean it does not look nice on everybody and yep, I guess in Paris people might turn heads...

    what do i like most about Amsterda,?
    hmmm...that is so close to the coast/ sea and the playgrounds you find everywhere!

  2. Oh I forgot to say I always wear a LONG sweater with yoga pants (it helps :) xx

  3. We're back living in our home town now, but when we were at uni the things i loved about Cardiff were the things i missed about Bath. I loved the crazy size of Cardiff and how many shops/restaurants etc it had to offer - and how they were all huge, but at the same time i missed Bath's little cobbled street and small boutiques. Bath totally won and we moved home as soon as we graduated! I've always wondered what American life is like though! xx

  4. I am so going to try the pasta/cremini mushrooms/lemon recipe...and I will let you know...
    Ohhh dancing with the stars is the best...Are you watching this season? Who is your favourite?

  5. Je rigole sur ton point concernant l'usage du jogging les weekends! lol Je me souviens de mon année au Etats-Unis, je suis revenue et je faisais pareil en France... mais ca n'a pas duré (même pour aller chercher une baguette, comme tu dis si bien. Pourtant, c'est tellement comfy le jogging, mince! Happy America anniversary to you!

  6. Great post! I'll tell you my favourite things about living in Switzerland (where I lived for a year when I was 23 and learning French etc etc) because Canada is not as interesting!

    1. Chocolate - OMG the chocolate!!!

    2. The cheese - raclette, was all to blame for me gaining 20 pounds!

    3. The skiing/chalet lifestyle - I loved the whole "On va monter a Champery " weekends. Skiing, eating and relaxing - ahhhhh.....

    I do love living in Canada though. And really, I can have all these things here too, especially since we live so close to the mountains too!

  7. love this list - made me miss home! i'll have to come up with an Aussie list soon, this is a great idea full of endless possibilities!

  8. Nell - I know what you're saying, I went to Bath a long time ago back in my high school days and loved it - such a lovely city

    Diana - DWTS update : I think I'm rooting for Jennifer Grey but that's because of Derek Hough ;) how about you ?

    La Franglaise - Thanks et vive les sweatpants !

    Morgan - welcome :) I'm with you on the Swiss goodies, I went to school in Grenoble at the bottom of the Alpes and I LOVED the ski weekends (and the raclette good)

    Jaclyn - yay to the Aussie list (can't wait to read it !)

  9. Thank you for reminding me why I like it here! Whole Foods, cheap mani/pedis, yoga pants, Bravo- why these are all a few of my favorite things! It's a shame you are not in New York- we could totally be friends:)

  10. Ilana, we can still be long distance friends :)


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