Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hot mama

This morning I got an email from my Dutch friend Judith saying that she's expecting baby #2 !! So exciting !
It's funny because 7 of my friends are pregnant right now and I feel there might be more coming soon... Oh la la babies everywhere, that's awesome !

So here's a little piece of advise on how to look like a hot mama while your bank account is being atomised by baby gear purchases.

I personally lived in denial and kept wearing my normal clothes (and found some ridiculous pride in doing so) until I was about 4-5 months. And then one day I was in Amsterdam for work hanging out with my friend Judith (again) and she started to tease me for wearing my skinny jeans unbuttoned with a long tunic on top. So she took me to the closest H&M so I could get a proper pair of maternity jean.
And TA-DA !! I saw the light ! H&M Mama ! So comfortable, stylish and with a tiny price tag...perfect !

After this episode, as I grew bigger I kept going back to H&M to stock on maternity clothes to complete my preggo uniform (long cardigan + tunic/dress + leggings/tights)

Topshop is my other favorite (although a bit more pricey) and you can buy the maternity collection online too. Not all H&M stores carry the Mama range but usually at least one per city does. Check it out here

So here you go my lovely expecting friends, you should be all set to look hot and gorgeous for the next 9 months.

Dear readers, do you have any good piece of advise you'd like to share with soon-to-be mamas ?

Bises xx


  1. H+M is always good for basic items and sometimes you are lucky and they something more nice and hip...
    Zara does maternity clothes as well, good prices as well...
    When I was pregnant with my first one I was still living in London and Benetton there had a maternity collection (i.e. in Amsterdam, no way to find)... and really comfortable items in good quality
    For the rest: nothing can beat Seraphine and Isabella Oliver...


  2. I found two gorgeous dresses at H&M Mama when I was pregnant and Top Shop had some nice gear. I also bought a pair of maternity jeans at Zara mum but I must say my favourite shop was Gap maternity. However, I did mostly invested in nice non-maternity dresses when I was expecting so that I could re-use them after giving birth. Today, all my maternity clothes are packed away but my lovely dresses, I'm still wearing! A Bella band is a good investment to be able to wear your regular clothes.
    It's so nice that you have so many pregnant friends at the same time!

  3. My advice is show off the belly instead of trying to hide it.

    And maternity jeans are the best thing going- I don't know why they don't make them for non-pregnant women. They could be like control top! Flattering and so very comfortable.


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