Tuesday, November 2, 2010

5 signs my French sucks

- my 2 sisters call me Jean-Claude VanDamme (the original king of Franglais)
- my mum brought me some French grammar books last time she came over (sympa, merci)
- I can't make a proper sentence when I call the bank back home (and I look like an idiot on the phone)
- My co-workers have learnt one French word from me because I say it all the time : 'Marie, what does 'putain' means ?'
- My English is actually getting better (including my accent): no-one understand 'sex-sex' when I say 'success' anymore (yay ! that saves me some serious embarrassment at work)

I can't believe this is happening to me, nobody told me that I could ever forget my first language ! 

Tell me, do you speak any foreign language ? Do you or did you ever get confused switching from one language to another ?

Bises xx

Photo credit : Urban Outfitters - I should totally get this tee-shirt


  1. Ohh yes..I know what you mean. My dad is Polish and I always spoke in polish with him...but by now I have a very hard time expressing myself...Which is a shame...I need to do something about it:)
    Happy Tuesday,sweetie

    Btw: Thanks for the smile...hahah..Love the success part...hahah

  2. oh yes, when I came to Paris the first time and started to learn french all my english was gone...
    I just could not switch...
    Plus I started to forget german words (my mother tongue)...
    by now I can switch very easily between the languages I speak and as I speak german with the kids it is OK as well

  3. I feel I can no longer speak English nor French properly! But I anyway to speak to L. in English hoping he will be a confused bilingual like me someday!

  4. I totally get it!! I'm trying to learn german since I'm living in a German speaking country - and sometimes I can't even speak English anymore, haha!

  5. Diana - The success part is a true story (my first week at work 3 years ago !)

    Paul&Paula - good to know, that gives me hope :)

    La Franglaise - Same here, O will be a (very) confused bilingual too (maybe L and O should hang out :)

    Krystal - wow, I'm impressed, German is one tough language to learn

  6. Tout le temps! Je sors des trucs à mon mari (Australien) du genre 'People will queue for good pain outside boulangeries!'. Il a l'habitude que de temps en temps je fasse un Jean-Claude Van Damme :)

  7. Sabine, je comprends exactly what you mean, pareil for me :) x

  8. omgosh, i laughed so much reading this!!! success, haha! :) fabulous!
    i can relate to this so much: my mother language, serbo-croatian and czech are really related and after few years spent in czech republic, i started mixing them together and i, seriously, had problems speaking slovenian when i came home for holidays. i could never say which word is from which language. i'd knew i made a mistake when my sister rolled her eyes... :) haha


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