Thursday, November 18, 2010

Award !!

Wowwwww !! I won an award yesterday !!
Yep, the Versatile Blogger Award from the beautiful Jaclyn (this tee shirt is for you lady)
So what does it means, I'm not sure but what I know if that I have to share with you 7 things about my little person and then pass the award along to 7 blogs that I love. 

So here we go :

1- I'm superstitious. Horoscopes are the first thing I read in any magazines and I wear 'lucky' outfits when I have a big day at work involving public speaking (or when I'm getting a root canal like the other day)
2- I'm always cold. And I'm married to the biggest AC lover save our marriage I got a Snuggie to watch TV and I'm proud of it (the leopard one, please)
3- I'm scared of everything, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g
4- I got married twice with the same guy and had a baby in between weddings
5- I don't know how to walk in high heels...and I'm 30...
6- When I was 6, my mom told me while making dinner that BOTH Santa and the Tooth Fairy didn't exist... I had doubts already about Santa but the Tooth Fairy, man, I was crushed
7- Around the same age I fell crazy in love with the guy that played Richie Valens in the movie La Bamba, not that my mom would let me see the movie but the guy was on the cover of the record... Even though he was Mexican, nobody in my family was surprised when I got married to a Puerto Rican guy... Go figure

And now, I'm passing this amazing award along to :

Mommy shorts
Paul & Paula
My poppet
Jasmin on Jupiter

Have a great Thursday everyone

Bises xx

Photo credit : Urban Outfitters


  1. Dearest Marie, thanks so much for the award. I am very honoured!!!!
    love your blog...especially being so "french"! I am a serious Frankofile!!! :-)

  2. Awww thanks sweetie. Totally made my day. Btw: It so fun reading all those stuff about you. I love horoscopes too and I read them all the time and I think its time for me to get a Snuggie...hahah..They sound so cozy and warm!
    Hugs and kisses
    Have a wonderful Thursday

  3. That is a cool shirt. Congrats on the award!

  4. WOOTT!! I love your funny things. Thanks for the award - I will definitely play! x

  5. Marie, félicitations pour cette belle récompense! C'est toujours très sympa d'apprendre plus sur les gens qu'on lit tous les jours. J'adore passer par ici, tu le sais. Bises et bon weekend miss Versatile! xx

  6. merci... you are sweet, now I can have a relaxing week end! :)
    and that snuggie... LOL... can you post a pic of you in it please... looks hilarious :)

    Love and happy week end!

  7. aww thank you for the award!!! That is hilarious about the tooth fairy, made me laugh :) I don't walk well in high heels either.


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