Friday, November 5, 2010

Bon week end

My dears, what are your plans for the week end ? We're having friends over for dinner on Saturday and I can't wait. Our friend Yoshi is going to teach us how to make sushi (I'm SO excited !!)

Here are a few lovely things that caught my eye this week :
- Beautiful quilt (and baby), I wish I was crafty enough to make my own (a girl can dream)
- Cute bangles, they would make a stylish little Xmas gift
- Talking about Xmas, here's some gorgeous downloadable wrapping paper by Mae (and it's free !) 
- I can see a little desk similar to this one in O's room in a few years
J'adore these amazing prints for a kid's room by Ubabub, the owl and the ship are so adorable

Have a fantastic week end, I'll be back on Monday
Bises xx

Photo credit : ledansla


  1. have an amazing weekend, I would love to make sushi sometime, how fun :)

  2. bon week end.... I will try to survive the weather and the house without hubby!

  3. Bon week-end a toi aussi! Tu nous expliras comment faire des sushis alors lundi? J'aimerais bien essayer un jour. Il parait que ca n'est pas aussi difficile que l'on pense. Tu nous en diras plus!
    ps: and I love the Ubabub prints, too cute!

  4. Hope you had a nice dinner saturday evening :) Nice links, the quilt is lovely.

  5. hope your weekend is amazing and i want to hear all about this sushi making!

  6. I just found your blog, looks delightful. I am now following. I always wanted to learn how to make sushi!

    p.s. I am having a Williams Sonoma gift card giveaway if you would like to join in! xo

  7. I love making sushi...My best friend is Japanese and she also showed me how to roll sushi:)
    How was it? Did you have fun?
    Btw: I love the kids-room posters



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