Friday, November 12, 2010

Bon week end

Hooray it’s Friday !!
My dears, how was your week ? what are your plans for the weekend ?

Our main plan this week end is to SLEEP !! The little guy has been a bit disturbed by the time change last week end so he’s been waking up very very early everyday this past week…

I just want to be this cat and take a long nap on the couch… not realistic with a toddler at home but oh well, a girl can dream !

Here are a few lovely things from my week on the web :

- I’ve been obsessed with this cover of ‘teenage dream’, way way better than the original

- The cutest baby ninja I’ve ever seen (ok… she’s the only one I’ve seen but still she’s too funny)

- I’ve been on a mission lately to get the house organized and I could use the help of these cool chalkboard stickers

- Talking about taking a nap, I would take a book and a blanket and go here for a couple hours (not the one above the water, too scary for me, the one in the tree close to the ground)

- Gosh, I really wish I was living in Portland, OR so I could have gone to the little winter handmade market, looks so damn cute...

Have a relaxing and cozy week end, stay warm !

Bises xx

Photo credit : Hello Neest


  1. a weekend full of sleep and relaxation - sounds like perfection...

  2. Hope you get lots of rest honey. Love that cover of Teenage dream too :) xoxo

  3. the stickers could help in our house as well and that market... how lovely!
    next time we go together LOL
    Have a good sleep!

  4. Hi dearest Marie, thanks for stopping by at my blog and leaving such kind comments. Really sweet of you and so good to know that others could make long distance work too!
    By the way, I love your blog!!!


  5. bon w/e to you too ;) and you could totally start thanksgiving in france!

  6. but you get to celebrate it now right?

  7. I love a weekend of sleeping!! xx

  8. Ohh I so would love to be that cat today...I have such a hard time sleeping lately. The chalk stickers are perfect. Need to get them and sort out my house:)
    Hope you had a relaxing weekend,sweetie
    Btw: I made your Miso soup on Sunday..It was sooo good! Thanks
    Happy Monday morning


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