Monday, November 29, 2010

Chez le coiffeur

We took our little guy to get his first haircut this weekend...the baby mullet is officially gone ! With a little help from Daddy's iPhone, it was over in 5 min (this kid loves watching videos of himself). Somebody made quite an impression this morning at daycare (although people were probably just relieved we finally cut his hair)...

I hope you had a great weekend, can you believe we're only 4 weeks away from Xmas ?? Crazy ! 


  1. So adorable!! What a cute little guy :-)

  2. He is soooo sweet:) I love this little guy:)
    Kisses, darling
    Ps: Its crazy to think that Christmas is almost here

  3. Too cute Mr O.... Big bisous to him! x

  4. Btw: the cake was really good and quite easy to make...Balazs loved it! So, Im happy:) Thanks for asking,sweetie
    Happy 1st of December:)


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