Monday, November 15, 2010

French Elle Best Dressed 2010

clockwise : Marion Cotillard - Charlotte Gainsbourg - Clémence Poésy - Vanessa Paradis

Hi everyone ! How was your week end ? Mine was definitely relaxing as I managed to get some serious sleep (y-a-y !)

I saw something interesting this morning, right now on you can vote for the 2010 best dressed French woman... 
Here's my little top 4, I couldn't pick just one sorry ! 

My perfect wardrobe would definitely be a mix of all 4 styles : glamorous pieces from Marion, Charlotte's effortlessly cool tee-shirt/jeans/boots uniforms, Vanessa's boho chic dresses and scarves and Clémence's modern lady like pieces (sigh !)  

Do you have a favorite ? and do you have a style icon ? 
I have to say I have a secret girl crush on Alexa Chung, and no just because she gave her name to the coolest bag ever made...

Bises xx

Photo credit : French Vogue


  1. I like all four styles you chose :)
    but I never made my mind up whether I like Charlotte or not...
    and Vanessa is pretty cool with the best hubby ever :) but I am always shocked how different she looks without photoshop...
    so my vote goes to Marion!

  2. i love all 4 too, well chosen!

  3. The styles you chose are beautiful and I am always over the moon with Clémence. She is so amazing:)
    Hugs and kisses

    Ps: So glad you had a lovely weekend...

  4. LOVING the ladylike pieces!! xo

  5. I like the second one! (the one on the top right). I better not go to the website or I will spend all night there I am for sure!

  6. while we look at outfits we could as well look at their partners too ;)
    My order Vanessa, Charlotte, Marion and Clemence...

  7. Frenchie - ah that's a good point ! I would do Marion first then, Vanessa, Clemence and Charlotte :) bises


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