Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving !


Happy Thanksgiving everyone !

I realized last night that this is my 5th Thanksgiving !! Where did time go ? 

On my first one, there was a lot of first : first time I went to Florida, first time I met my in-laws, and first real Thanksgiving meal... I had a blast until my father-in-law suggested that because it was all new to me that I should be the one STUFFING THE DAMN TURKEY ! I have to tell you I've never been a big fan of meat in general, and that the idea of 1) touching raw meat and 2) stuffing my hand down there weren't very appealing to me... Anyway, I did it in effort to look like a really cool open-minded daughter-in-law. 

Second Thanksgiving, we stayed in Boston and V. took me to this amazing fancy restaurant, the food was so delicious I still remember everything we ate that day

Third one, we stayed in Boston again, my in-laws came over from Florida and we went back to the amazing restaurant. I was 4 months pregnant with a MASSIVE craving on mashed potatoes and sweets, so let me tell you it was my BEST Thanksgiving of all times !

Thanksgiving number 4, last year, we had a few expat friends over, we initially wanted to cook but ended up ordering most of it from WholeFoods (it was so good by the way)... 

And today, it's my fifth Thanksgiving and once again, we stayed home. The little guy is playing with his cars while V. is cooking and the turkey is in the oven... We just got back from a trip to the park, it was so cold out, it just feels great to be home. 

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving, enjoy the long weekend
And if you're not American, as I read it last night on Little Brown Pen, just eat something rich and fattening just for fun.

Bises xx

Photo credit : Martha Stewart (the one and only)


  1. Happy Thanksgiving and 5 is my lucky number!:)
    You gonna have a turkey for two... good luck!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving my dear... First Thanksgiving for me... and enjoyed every part of it... from Volunteering to feed homeless (and remembering how lucky and bless i was) to the turke, potatoes, pumpkin etc... Not to forget the long week end!! :)
    Thankful to have you as a friend for sure !!

  3. I definitely ate something rich and fattening. I love being home on thanksgiving :)

  4. I had a whole lot of rich and fattening for sure...hahahha...I am planning to keep this up until Sunday night. Wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend,sweetie


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