Thursday, December 16, 2010

American gift guide 2010

 A poster of Breakfast at Tiffany's because every girl loves NYC and Audrey Hepburn (and cigarette holder...but that's just me)
Sparkly shoe clips to brighten her days

 A big old school Timex watch to look effortlessly cool
A pair of the American classic Sperry  
Also an awesome bloc party DVD...

A LeSportsac 3 zips pouch because they're so practical and they always come in the best prints
A pack of 4 Essie nail polishes because variety is always good

An American classic : the lunchbox and these are adorable 
An authentic woolrich cap from South Boston to look like a cute little newsboy

A photopad... the best idea since the photo calendar (and I've ordered a couple this year for my folks)
A yummie pancake mix and maple syrup from the one and only William Sonoma

A good hand cream (everybody needs one)
Not your traditional Xmas card with the NYC skyline (it will look cool on her desk too)
Oh and of course, New York City in a bag

And finally a little gift for yourself to enjoy with a hot cup of tea (or glass of wine) after the crazy madness of the Holidays :
a good old Snuggie in leopard print (ugly yes but damn comfortable on a winter night) and a  Real Housewife of New York City DVD (my numero uno real TV guilty pleasure)
Enjoy !! 


  1. I love Essie nail polish and its such a great idea to get it for a friend. Also my Balazs loves Sperry. Its a great gift guide,sweetie. Hope you are feeling better

  2. We made photo calendars and books as well, it is just great when you have kids and even better when your family lives far away...!

  3. I love Essie nailpolish and a good hand cream is a must in the winter. In fact I could use some right now!

  4. I'd even wear that Timex watch! Those are coming back into style, you know! ;-)

  5. ha ha, j'adore le Snuggie léopard. J'imagine la tête de mon homme s'il rentrait et me voyait dans cette tenue! En tout cas, c'est une belle liste d'objet que tu as fait là. Je ne sais pas où tu as tout trouver mais j'aime beaucoup! Profite bien de tes vacances back home, la miss. Tu dois avoir bien hâte. Bisous

  6. Diana - thanks sweetie, all my friends back home are crazy for Essie nail polishes, they used to be for the OPI but now you can find it in France, not the Essie apparently...

    Peggy - I know, I make some every year for my family and my in-laws, an easy gift once you have kids :)

    Style'n - me too, my hands are so desperately dry in the winter no matter how much hand cream I use

    Jen - I know, I would totally steal it from V. if he had one :) I've already taken an old Casio watch from him and I love it..

    Carine - Le snuggie leopard (aka tue-l'-amour) est genial, je l'ai gagne l'an dernier a un pot de Noel avec des gens du boulot, j'etais TROP contente :) J'ai effectivement bien hate de rentrer en France, J-5 !! bisous

  7. Thanks for your comments on The Little List! I love your gift guides - the photopad is my favourite - my Mum would love that as a gift this Christmas! xxx

  8. HI!My name's Martina and I come from Italy...I love your blog and I''d like you visit my blog...if you want, follow me! I wait you and your tips! kiss kiss ^^


  9. I like that Kiehls and Pancake idea...genius!

    PS Yay for fellow Boston bloggers! Just came across your blog and am following...feel free to check mine out and follow if you like it! :)


  10. I love all these wonderful ideas, especially the Kiehl's and Sperry! So sorry to be missing without internet last week, but I'm sloowly catching up :)

    Hope you're enjoying a wonderful holiday week!

  11. Another Bostonian blogger friend! Yay!

    By the way, those flats with the hearts are to die for!

    Happy Holidays! Cheers-Julie

  12. I actually just purchased those little nail polishes from Jcrew for a friend...they are really cute and packaged perfectly!

    Julie xo


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