Friday, December 3, 2010

Mickey chez Colette

Since November 15th the French kids brand Absorba is featuring a retro Mickey Mouse (little O's number 1 obsession lately) in a limited edition kit sold exclusively at Colette (the quintessential cool Parisian store).
How cute are those kids seriously ?
Ok, I need to send one of my friends back home on a mission to rue St Honoré today to find this Mickey tee and scarf ! Any volunteer ?

Via Milk


  1. Micky Mouse is always cool!
    Have a great week end love ...

  2. Can I have one of them too? I would love the 2nd one and the little girl too...hahahah
    I think we are never too old to wear Micky tee:) Made my day:)
    hugs and kisses, sweetheart

  3. Oh boy, I would offer but Colette on a Saturday three weeks before Xmas, no thank you! But the shirts ARE really cool. That little girl in the photo is adorable. Bon week-end miss xx

  4. Paul&Paula - thanks, have a great weekend too :)
    Diana- Sure you can ! I'll let you know if I find somebody
    La franglaise - I know, no worries, I don't miss the Xmas shopping in Paris on weekends that's for sure xx

  5. Love these retro Micki Mouse clothes and the kids are cute too.

  6. Isn't Mickey just the best??


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