Monday, January 31, 2011

Baby therapy

A few weeks ago, I read an article about an amazing Canadian program called 'Roots of Empathy'Have you ever heard of it ?

The idea is incredible : how to teach kindness and respect to children through being exposed to a baby and his parent in their classroom ? The infant becomes the 'teacher' and helps children reflect and identify on their own feelings and those of others.
The program has proven to have extremely positive effects on kids behavior (sharing, helping...) and it has also helped decrease aggression.

Amazing isn't it ?

More about it here


  1. Love it...always good to share love and bring it out of people.
    We are all basically good so this is fab!
    xxxx to you- Emily from EL Vintage

  2. Wow, what a sweet and creative idea! I think that would really work and it would be so beneficial to the baby, parents and the class :) Great post!

    - the runaway

  3. I totally think this is a brilliant idea and I cant wait to read more about it. Thanks,sweetie for introducing me to the baby therapy. Happy Tuesday:)

  4. Great idea. Looks like the baby and the kids love the time too. So nice.

  5. What an amazing concept! I'm so intrigued. Off to read more :) xoxo

  6. Emily - welcome :) and I completely agree with you
    The runaway - I know I bet the baby loves it too, everybody can get a lot out the experience I'm sure
    Diana - you're welcome :) sending you a big kiss right back
    Cassandra- I'm sure they do, they should totally export the idea to the rest of the world don't you think ?
    The Alt. Wife - what did you think of the article from Time mag ? amazing isn't ? I can't believe all the positive outcome of the experience


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