Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day dreaming...Summer dresses

Oh Summer !! even though I'm buried under a ton of snow right now, I cannot wait to see you... and those gorgeous outfits by Jil Sander are just making the wait even harder...
A few more months to go before trading my warm layers for light and breezy maxi skirts and dresses, can't wait !
How about you my dears ?

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  1. Ohhh me too...Im so ready for the sunshine and the first dress is totally amazing! Hugs and kisses, my dear
    Keep warm and cozy:) Muah

  2. That's so funny - I wrote a post about daydreaming about Summer today! It's so dreary in the UK :(

  3. I know! there is so much snow in Boston right now! Love the summer inspiration :)

  4. I love these! I want summer too!!

  5. These dress are gorgeous! wow!


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