Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday bits

Hooray it's Friday !!
How was your week ?
I know this was a short one here in the US with Monday off but it felt pretty long to me ! I'm excited for the weekend, I'm going to a girls night out tonight (yay!) and a bday party tomorrow evening !
Hopefully I can find a babysitter for tomorrow, so V and I can make it a date night (short notice party, can you tell most of our friends don't have kids yet ?)

En attendant, here are a few lovely things that caught my eyes this week :

- Leopard-print derbies, so gorgeous (I'm sending my mum to a Minelli store right now to get me a pair, merci maman)
- Cool kids tee-shirts, I just wish they came in my size (I love the cat one)
- Beautiful tea towels (and exactly what my kitchen needs) (via NabeFabric)
- How awesome would it be to have a slide in your house ? This is genius !
- Some French for the week with this expensive grocery bag (80 euros - ouch !) but a cool way to carry your baguettes with style

Ok mes chéries, that's all for today
Have a beautiful weekend wherever you are

Bises xx


  1. To answer your question on my blog about French cooking. I'm using Julia Child's The Art of French Cooking. I've made two souffles (both delicious, but not puffy enough), probably 20 batches of Macarons, boiled artichokes (there is an art to the water/salt ratio), and vegetable soup. I've loved it all.

    I'm jealous of your two week vacation there. I can't wait to see pictures, please take many!

    Happy weekend!

  2. Im so happy its Friday! Ufff it was a long and busy one, right? Those leopard-print derbies are perfect!!! Im going to dream about them now and I would totally carry baguettes in that adorable bag. Have fun tonight and tomorrow on the Bday party!!! Kisses and hugs, darling

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the bag... well specially before BIG rugby game tomorrow ;)
    Indeed it has been a busy week... and week end will again be too short! Looking forward the RED Carpet evening Sunday :D
    Have fun tonight and tomorrow
    Bisous Bisous x

  4. i would LOVE a slide in my house :) such a great find!


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