Monday, February 21, 2011

If I had straight hair...

...I would get a bang
There's something about bangs that just looks so so SO cool 
My sister just got 'the Kate Moss' as her hairstylist Patrice calls it... I'm not jealous AT ALL (me and my out of control curly hair are perfectly happy together, most of the time)
I've been thinking about cutting my long hair for the Summer (the truth is I'll probably never have the guts to do it). 
Does season change makes you want to change haircut too ?
If so, check out some inspiration for Spring here

Photo credit : Glamour France


  1. Oh Bangs....
    well once my hair is long enough i am thinking of shortening it and once i cut it i wish i had not... so what should i do??
    Happy President's day!! x

  2. know how much I love bangs and the kate moss hair-do is so amazing. Each year around spring I want to cut my hair really short but Im totally scared too:)
    Happy Monday, darling

  3. i agree! they make you instantly look cool. hair is too wavy.

  4. I would *kill* for curly hair!! My hair is so straight. I got a perm in December, and after just two weeks my hair was straight again! I discussed it with the hairdresser. Turns out, my hair is so straight it defies chemical alteration!!

  5. cut.... go for it.... they will grow again sweetheart! -i change my haircuts and colours all the time, i dont like to look the same for long...
    i invest in a good hairdresser and let him do the job, meaning: he is free to experment wioth a few guidelines :)

  6. I agree but I don't short bangs would work on me too well b/c my forehead is tiny. I usually highlight my hair with the new season!

  7. Ps: The movie was really good. I loved all those little stories. The older couple was so adorable! Kisses, sweetie

    Ps: I’m hosting a stunning Ruche GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in :)


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