Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm a birthday planner

Well not really but kind of... Look, little O is turning 2 in 2.5 months  (to be exact) and all I can think of is 1- how did this happen ? 2 YEARS OLD ??? and 2- what am I going to do for his bday ?

You have to understand, all I see on blogs and in magazines over here are super more-than-perfect bday parties for kids where EVERY cupcake topper matches the curtains... the bar is high people !

Although I'm definitely not going after perfection here, I would love to throw a fun little party for our petit homme... 

Enters HAPPY, the newest addition to the Saison family... Oh joy and happiness !
One stop shop for all the bday supplies you need (well, all the stuff I definitely need) to throw an adorable goûter d'anniversaire French style ! And they deliver worlwide !

Hooray !!

Tell me, do you have any tips/ideas for organizing little kids bday party ? I'm giving myself another month to think about it :)

Bises xx


  1. What a great site! And right up my alley right now. I am planning tot's 4th birthday. If you think 2 is a shock...just wait! I can't believe my baby is going to be 4!
    I LOVE to plan celebrations and events. I get a lot of ideas from Etsy and from Ohdeedoh. I also try to make as many things as I can.
    As for tips? I have found that if you pick colors and stick to them, everything looks so pulled together and the kids have fun with it. My son wants a "rockstar" party this year and he chose red and orange as the colors. This could get interesting.
    Can't wait to see what you do!

  2. 2.5 months... ours will be end of March... and I have some stuff on my blog towards this FIRST birthday...maybe some inspiration for you :)
    Decide for a theme and then start looking what fits. Dont get challenged with the super mamas... 2 years old he is happy with a cute cake and play!

  3. OMG how exciting..My friend with kids always tell me that the most important thing to remember is to have lots of fun activities planned for the kids so they dont get restless after all the party food:) Have fun planning, darling..I bet it will be fantastic! Muah and happy Tuesday

  4. i am such an awful planner, i'm not your girl, haha :)

  5. good luck with the party planning for the big 2. it's so much fun to decorate a kid's party. i love that colourful garland & the letter cups. thanks for visiting my blog and saying hello so i could find your lovely blog :)

  6. I was trying and trying to plan L.'s first birthday and in the end, daily life caught up and I had to totally improvise. Nothing went as planned but it turned out great anyway! My suggestion: choose a theme and keep it simple. I realise I can't compete with those wonder mamas out there! :) Bon courage and have fun. This time around, little O. will realise it's his birthday so it will be extra exciting for you.

  7. we are also birthday planner for kids and children in delhi, India


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