Thursday, February 24, 2011

Le petit Lucas du Tertre

Who knew you could get the cutest shots by giving an umbrella indoor to little kids ?
This little girl on the first shot cracks me up ! She's really doing a great job at holding her umbrella really high (and those cheeks !)

Of course the clothes are adorable too, French brand Le Petit Lucas du Tertre also has a great collection for Women (gorgeous scarves alert !)

Hope you're having a lovely Thursday (bientôt le weekend !)

Via Milk


  1. Awww..those little cheeks:) Kids photos are always so adorable and that scarf is so pretty! I need one for sure:) Happy Thursday, sweetie

  2. i love the first outfit... and I agree, the umbrellas are cool and fun for a pic
    sweet dreams...

  3. What part of France are you from? I've never been, but I've been teaching myself some French cooking and I love it. Loving your blog!

    PS- I'm hosting my first GIVEAWAY on my blog. Please come and see!

  4. these are simply adorable! and what a creative idea, an open umbrella indoors :) i love it.

  5. Those umbrella look great!

    My wife loves that store btw, she lived in france for a couple of summers and I think she first found it there. :)



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