Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Net-a-porter magazine

Talking about hit girls, Net-a-Porter just did a nice little spread about the-girl-with-the-best-haircut-ever, aka Alexa Chung.
Some cool pictures of my number one girl crush in very expensive clothes... oh and also her style interview (here)
Mes chéries, do you have a style icon ? Who is it ?


  1. I have a total crush on her and I would love to have her hairdo too:) Those sandals are so pretty. Need to find out where I can get them. Kisses, darling

  2. yes. love her hair! wish i could make mine look that!

    p.s. you've been wiggled!! (featured you on my blog today!)

  3. Hmmm style icon? I'm too embarrassed to share! But that is a way cool hair cut!

  4. Alexa is the coolest!! Such effortless style.

  5. hey... new header... I like it....
    and Alexa is a bit on/off for me...sometimes she looks great but just as often I think it is noooooooooooo good :)


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