Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday bits

Hello there...

How's your weekend so far ? I hope you're having a lovely and lazy Sunday

Mine has been pretty good, the little guy is taking a nap and I plan on making some banana bread when he wakes up (yummy recipe here). Also yesterday afternoon I was invited to a clothes' swap at my friend's Diane... Such a cool idea, everybody had to bring clothes/accessories they wanted to give away, we all got together with some tasty snacks and lots of wine and then we went shopping ! It was so fun, I left with the cutest owl necklace and 2 pairs of equally cute earrings (that I can't wait to show off at work tomorrow :)

So, in the meantime, here are a few things that caught my eyes this week on the Web :
- the most adorable letterpress cards (I'm saving this idea for our Xmas card next year)
- what I need right now, a little weekend here with my girlfriends back home (a girl can dream)
- a really cute Valentine's day DIY (I love the banana one)
- 10% off at this amazing Portland vintage shop (code : YoLove) (and I can't wait to start wearing this dress... if only I could fast forward to Spring)
- the coolest office space ever (don't you love those big windows ?)

Have a fabulous Sunday mes chéries
Bises xx


  1. Hey lady! I am going to check out the office space and the vintage shop for sure. I need office inspiration in my life because mine is not cutting it...must redecorate soon!

  2. Thanks for stopping by today! I'm loving that office space.. Yowza! I'm such a sucker for light and spaces with large windows! Love!
    Hope you're having a fabulous day and that delish banana bread works out! Sounds exactly like what I'm feeling like right now!
    xx tash

  3. I love that office space and yes, the windows are amazing! For me big windows are always a must:) Btw: the party idea is so cool:) I love it and Im going to try something like that this spring. I bet it will be really fun! Hugs and kisses, darling

    Ps: Thanks for the lipstick idea..I love the name..haha

  4. Thanks Marie for giving us a little shout on your blog and all your other ideas too, am going to get baking some banana bread..yum! Love Sarah/YO VINTAGE! xx

  5. Love banana bread and a clothing swap is a fabulous idea. I went to the Boston Swapaholics event and while it was a bit big for my taste...I like the idea of a small and intimate get together to exchange items is a wonderful idea.


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