Monday, March 14, 2011

Madame Mo illustrations

Just wanted to quickly share with you these adorable illustrations by Madame Mo... I've been really inspired by this post on Friday to show some positive images of Japan to somehow compensate all the sad and terrible images we've all seen recently.
Bon d├ębut de semaine  xx


  1. Those are precious and I am so sad by everything I am seeing and hearing....

  2. Thank you, these are very nice.
    For Japan I am out of words... really!
    Happy week!

  3. Those are really beautiful, darling. Thank you! Its so sad what happened. Kisses and hugs

  4. It is so amazingly sad what has happened over there, and these are lovely.

    PS I am hosting my first giveaway - a Wrapped To Wear bracelet. If you are interested in entering, here is the link: :)

  5. These are very sweet & as you have said a good way to brighten up the sadness just a little. Thank you.


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