Monday, March 7, 2011

My poppet... interview

Hello there... 

Guess what ? My friend Cinti over at My Poppet has put together a sweet little post about this blog and her amazingly cool humble author : me !
If you want to check out how non-photogenic I am, click here
If you want to check out Cinti's awesome online store : click here

If I were you, I'll go for the second one, just saying... you don't want to miss her super cool finds (and adorable daughter/model miss Emma).

Merci Cinti xxx


  1. What a lovely post Marie! I love getting to know bloggers. Add you look adorable, silly girl!

  2. It was my pleasure, I'll have to try your recipe out soon too.

  3. Im going over right now to check out the interview and her shop:) Muah

  4. Étant plutôt absente de la blogosphère ces dernières semaines, je viens seulement de voir ce billet. Félicitations pour le petit entretien qui d'ailleurs, est très chouette. Cela m'a parti de plus te connaitre! Vous êtes beaux toi et ton fils. Bises et bon week-end Marie xx


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