Friday, March 4, 2011

Trente et un

It's my birthday today, my favorite day of the year ! YAY !!!
For some reason it feels much better than last year's, turning 30 felt a bit weird whereas turning 31 feels awesome !

According to my horoscope (you know I'm obsessed with it) I have a bunch of planets all aligned and a new moon today so maybe that's why !
I'm having a little party tomorrow evening and I'm so excited, I NEED to find those gold balloons somewhere !

I hope you lovely ladies had a great week and I wish you all a beautiful weekend !
I'll be back to more regular posting next week I promise

Happy Friday everyone !
Bises xx

Photo : Oh Joy !


  1. oh happy birthday honey!!!
    have a great day, a wonderful party and nice gifts :)
    Celebration.... c'mon!!!

  2. Joyeux Anniversaire Marie!! aah, to faisais semblant de preparer un anniv pour O mais en fait tu nous cacher le tien! Hope you've had a fun day et que la fete sera folle demain soir. Bisous la belle xx

  3. Happy birthday again and yay for finding the exact balloons! I will send you your photo with the balloons, which is like 900 times cooler than the balloon chick above.

  4. Happy Birthday to you! Hope it's a lovely day...and I will try not to hate you for being so young! Just kidding! Eat lots of cake and drink champagne!

  5. Ohh Im late!!! Happy (belated) Birthday, sweetie. Hope you had an amazing day full of adorable gifts, yummy cake and love:)
    Hugs and kisses

  6. My goodness, happy belated birthday! And I agree with you, 31 was easier than 30. This May I turn 33! I don't mind though.

    Happy day!


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