Saturday, May 28, 2011

Back !

Hi there ! 

WOW ! Talk about taking a short break from blogging... 2 and a half months ! pffew !! 
I missed you guys ! So much happened lately (well not really but I'm just trying to come up with excuses , doing the best I can :) The reality is I got completely sucked up in work and my day-to-day life and couldn't find anytime to blog or even read blogs at all... 
Now that things have slowed down a bit, I can finally get my head out of the water and make some time to post a thing or two...
So would you care to know, here are a few things that happened in our little life over the past 2 months :

- Little O turned 2 (Bday pictures coming soon) (and he sleeps till 8am on weekends - HOORAYYYY !!)
- I turned 31 (and yes I did find those big gold balloons - they're the BEST)
- We took a beach vacation (I'm ready to go back anytime)
- We went to Disneyworld Florida (and survived the heat, crowd, endless lines and 'dream come true' song) (talking about Disney, check this out, Annie Leibovitz's such a genius
- I found an amazing food blog (here) with amazing recipes (and I've started to cook even more and liking it - even more amazing)
- I went to Thailand for a week (for work - awesomeness to the max ! - pics coming soon)
- Little O can now say 'Mama, what a mess !' after turning the house upside down (like he has no idea who just did that)
- My blog turned one ! (and I missed its bday - oops)
- It's finally Spring in New England (on-time for the long Memorial day weekend)

Now back to regular posting, I'll be swinging by your blogs to say hi !
Have a fantastic weekend (and a long one if you live in the US)

Bises xx


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  2. Hey, sweetie! How fantastic that the little one is sleeping longer on the weekends and Happy Birthday to you and I cant wait to see all the photos from your trips! Happy MOnday and see you soon. Muah

  3. you are back!!! I am so happy to see you and hear from you!!! It does sound like you have been busy..and thailand?!!!! pics? i might be scarce this month myself..busy busy stuff going on :)

  4. Glad you're back! I missed your posts. I am completely jealous about the beach holiday and Disneyland but oh-so-much-more jealous about the sleep-ins on the weekend! M has started waking up regularly at 5.30am - not good at all. Have a lovely day xxx


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