Monday, June 13, 2011

Americana !!

Somehow I managed to skip telling you about about THE big event of my life last week : I officially became an American citizen !!
What ??
Yep, Euhmeweecan as my mom says...
BUT don't you worry, I've also kept my French citizenship (as France allows it) so outside of the US, I guess I'll be both :) Franco-Americaine, trop la classe !  

But before I get too excited, I still have a few things to master to fully embrace the American culture like :

- make a full Thanksgiving dinner from scratch (and tame that turkey)
- look perfectly polished like most American girls I know (perfect hair and perfect makeup even after 4pm)
- start drinking iced coffee (frappucino I'm looking at you) 
- hug... everyone...  
- understand baseball and watch an entire game (the whole 7 innings whatever that means)

Do you see anything else ?
Wish me luck !

Photo credit : Sacha Golberger - Mamika (check it out it's hilarious !)


  1. WAOUH Awesome!!
    i would suggest if you want to truly watch a full baseball game to then stay until 9th innings ;)
    but you should certainly enjoy the post 7th innings THE best part... Sweet Caroline live !
    Bisous xoxo

  2. Congrats on becoming a citizen! Love this image!

  3. Congrats, sweetheart..that is fantastic. Cool list:) Have a great day


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