Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thailand - part 1

The Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand - Amazing

Thanks to my work, I get to travel quite regularly...and although it can be kind of a pain to try to keep up with everyone else at work (read : childless co-workers) when you have a toddler at home, I still enjoy it (at least for the first few days, then guilt takes over and I feel miserable)

So anyway, thanks to my job (again) I get to go to Asia every 6 months or so... Usually we get sent to China which is pretty much misery the whole time we're there, not because of the country itself but because our factory is in the middle of nowhere and all we get to see after 24 hours or so in the plane is the hotel-the van-the factory and that's it...
So you can imagine how happy I was when I found out that this time 1) I was going to Bangkok (first time !) and 2) we had a full weekend there  

Let me tell you it didn't disappoint, we had a great time (as you can tell from my face on the last picture while I'm also trying to strike a good pose as Tyra would say, and avoid a farmer's tan on my arm).
Have you ever been to Asia ? Thailand ? Honestly I would love to go back on a real vacation, I heard the beaches are unbelievable...

Bises xx


  1. you are really lucky to be able to do that, I so wish i could travel for work like that!

  2. how lovely for you. I love thailand. The one advantage of living in australia is that holidays to asia a relatively cheap. I'm trying to plan a christmas holiday. but nothing is affordable at christmas time :(
    xx hope you are all well


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